Florida Mortuary Services | How We’re Different
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Not Every Body is Treated the Same

At Florida Mortuary Services we go above and beyond just shipping and make every effort to treat the deceased—and the recipients of the shipment—in the most respectful manner possible. One way we do this is by placing hospital gowns on the deceased. Another is the use of our custom white shipping box. These unique steps are just an example of the integrity and expertise we apply each time we provide shipping of remains from the state of Florida.

Email Program

Attention to detail is the key component that sets Florida Mortuary Services apart. Our expert staff will not only handle every detail of procuring, preparing and shipping of the deceased, they will also keep you informed of every step in the process through Email Program, so you can keep the family informed. Emails are sent at each step of the process.  Keeping you up-to-date allows for better planning and peace of mind for your families.