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Premier Service – Because Some Deliveries are Priceless

The families you serve would never allow a loved one to leave home if they weren’t safe and secure. At Florida Mortuary Services, neither will we. Our experienced staff will carefully attend to every detail because we know that some deliveries are priceless.

It’s Easy. With just one call you can rest-assured that we will handle the following details for the affordable price of $975:

  • Removal from the place of death anywhere in Florida
  • Securing of necessary documents, (such as death certificates and permits) including verification with you and filing with the State
  • High-quality embalming with written embalming report
  • Respectful covering of the body in a custom hospital gown
  • Delivery to the nearest airport in our custom shipping container
  • Keeping you informed with our 4-Step Critical Updates Email Program, including arrangement of all flight details sent directly to you

Additional Services – Meeting Your Needs

In addition to our superior shipping services, Florida Mortuary also provides the following exceptional services:

Receiving Direct Burial/ No Services – $795
Removal from airport, transportation to cemetery, services of funeral director and staff.

Direct Cremation/ No Services – $975
Removal from place of death, refrigeration, hold for 48 hours; Shipping of temporary urn additional $125.

Graveside Services – $995
Removal from airport, transportation to cemetery, coordinating minister, cemetery and vault company. 

Don’t take a chance with substandard shipping services. Your funeral home’s reputation is important! If you need expert shipping services anywhere in the state of Florida, turn to Florida Mortuary Services for the most reliable and professional shipping in the state. In Florida, we work for you.

Our low rates do not include any cash advance items. There may be an additional livery charge if we must travel a great distance to remote areas of the state for removal or delivery of the remains.